Why Townsquare Ignite?

Experienced Industry Experts

10,000+ campaigns under management

Executive leadership with decades of digital knowledge and a team of highly qualified professionals

A history of engaging audiences across Townquare's owned and operated, national and local content

Premier Technology & Proprietary Data

Leading ad technology stack with a broad set of data and programmatic media buying partners

1st party data for targeting Townsquare's passionate audiences

Trusted and Local

Approachable media consultants in 70+ markets across the US who understand local and regional needs

Knowledgeable and responsive support team on call for planning, solutions, education, insights and more

Customized Solutions (Not a Reseller of Single Solutions)

Scalable solutions across all digital platforms, customized to achieve individual clients' specific KPIs

Collaboration on custom keyword and site lists, audience segments and a wealth of targeting technologies

Real Results

Every campaign is closely monitored and optimized throughout the entire flight

Online reporting available 24/7 showcasing daily performance